Project Management

Along with a substantial writing and editing portfolio, I have a decade’s worth (plus) of web building experience, online production and project management in both print and digital media.

As a digital native, I understand what attracts an audience – and what keeps them. At, along with several other initiatives, I pushed for using GIFs on social media (and eventually, the site), some of which I created; we also saw consistent (and often record-breaking) growth across our social channels, and for the website, during almost two years that I was at Driving (Postmedia).

I have many years of senior-level management experience and a consistent track record of bringing projects to completion under budget, on time – and beyond expectations.

Why do you need my help?

You need a reliable freelance writer who is versatile, thorough and quick.

You want to increase your website traffic and social media reach.

You need a dedicated, organized project manager who isn’t bogged down by infinite details – who keeps calm and carries on.

You have a creative idea but need help making it happen.

You feel lost (or buried) in social media and need some help learning the ropes or honing your campaign.

You’re neck deep in a project and need a critical second opinion – and/or “eagle eye” proofreader.

You need to generate great content.

You need to email me. Let’s see what works!

You can also connect with me on LinkedIn.