One of my early obsessions was photography, which is part of what inspired me to work in magazines. My first published photos were in Motorcyclist magazine, where I was editorial assistant at the time. Since then, my photos have appeared in the National Post, Driven Women magazine, Bay Street Bull magazine, Montreal Gazette, Calgary Sun, Ottawa Citizen, Azure online and other outlets. I consider it a lifelong hobby, but photography is also a professional skill that I love!

A Few of My Faves…


The 2017 Volkswagen #PinkBeetle visits Canada’s classic car capital


Inside the RM showroom
We found classic car heaven inside the RM showroom near Chatham, Ontario

Minivan Review: 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

Outside the Aga Khan museum, a must-see attraction in Toronto

AZURE at IDS 2015: What we saw and loved


Someday I’ll dig into my archives…

It’s been a while since I brought out the camera in a serious way (blame COVID), but I always love a day of shooting!

Even if I’m not the photographer, being on set is a thrill. Coordinating photoshoots is one of my guilty pleasures (some people call it “work”). I’ve secured locations, chosen models, photographers and other talent, overseen styling and shoot logistics… many of the most enjoyable days of my career. Despite what many people will say about working behind the scenes in the fashion/publishing industry (and while much of it is true), it’s also filled with some of the hardest working and most creative people you can meet. When you consider the competitive environment, an incredible amount of determination is required to make it to the top. Mad respect.

Here are a few of the creative people I loved working with in Toronto:

Christoph Strube (photographer)

Randy Smith (stylist)

Mario Miotti (photographer)

Trevor Brady (photographer)

Tami El Sombati (makeup & hair)

Mark John Tripp (stylist)

Jo Jin (stylist)

Josh Fee (photographer)

… and I’ll be sure to add more as I think of them, or as I find them! Maybe someday I’ll start the N.Y.C./L.A. list (but don’t count on it).