Carson Daly

Who’s That Babe?

Edited the monthly column (among several others) in Teen magazine; interviewed up-and-coming actors

WHERE YOU’VE SEEN (AND HEARD) HIM: Carson spun discs as a radio DJ in Los Angeles, which led to a guest-host gig on MTV Beach House. The network execs liked him so much, they snagged him for a permanent VJ spot on MTV Live, where he chats with big names in the entertainment biz.

MAMA’S BOY: During Teen’s photo shoot, Carson’s mom peeked in, and we asked her for the inside scoop on her son. “He was the greatest kid – never a problem. I’m his first and biggest fan.” Awww! Carson’s response? “Of course I was a perfect kid. I was a geek! I got up early every morning to play golf. My mom’s motto was, ‘Nothing good happens after midnight,’ and for a long time I actually believed it.”

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Carson’s mom was also a guest on MTV’s 12 Angry Moms. “She was sitting next to Puff Daddy’s mom, Busta Rhymes’ mom and Notorious B.I.G.’s mom, telling them about me running around as a little kid, pulling my pants down and stuff like that. I ran into Puffy later, and he wouldn’t stop teasing me!”

ON LOVING LOVE: Since last summer, Carson’s been dating Jennifer Love Hewitt. “We met almost a year before we started going out. We were friends – she was literally the nicest person I’d ever met. She’s unaffected by what she does, and she’s the hardest-working person I know. But we have a hard time because everywhere we go, it’s a topic. In airports, restaurants – people are always recognizing her. Before we were dating, I used to think, ‘Hey man, you’re a public figure. You asked for it.’ But now I understand how hard it is to have a private life.”

PERSONAL PET PEEVE: “I can’t stand egomaniacs, people who think too much of themselves. I meet a lot of them in this business, people who come through the door and instead of saying, ‘Hey, how are you?’, they start right off with their demands: ‘Where’s my dressing room?’ or, ‘I want English Breakfast tea, a veggie wrap and….'”

JOY BOY: “I’ve always done what makes me happy… and all this kind of came along with it. I haven’t tried to analyze where my career’s going. I’ve just tried to keep my priorities in line and not put too much weight on ‘making it.’ As long as I can pay rent and eat, I’m happy.”